Olympus mountain

Distance: 12km . Also in the area, there is a Jockey Club and an Alpine Club, if you want to discover the beauty of Olympus and not use any means of transport!

Excursions to Olympus


1st route: From Litohoro begins a wonderful journey that ends at the peaks of mountain Olympus. The first part follows Enipea’s gorge and the visitors after nearly five hours walking, reach the position of "Prionia" (altitude 1100 m) where there are facilities for relaxation and information. This position can be reached by car too.

2nd route: From  'Prionia' in two and almost half hours the climber reaches the shelter Spilios Agapitos (altitude 2100 m Tel 23520 81 800 ). From the shelter, the trail leads to the peaks of Mount Olympus in two and almost half hours. In many places there are seats close to springs and fountains that offer relaxation and contemplation for visitors.

3rd route: Four kilometers before the end from Litohoro to "Prionia" at the place "Gortsia, there is a parking for the cars and starts from there one of the paths leading to the peaks of Mt. From this position, after about five hours walking, the climber reaches the plateau of the "Muses" at an altitude of 2600 m where they can rest in the two shelters, "Apostolidis Gissos (tel. 2310 224 710), and Christos Kakalas. From here the path to the top of the mountain is easy and you can reach in about an hour.

By car

The basic route that is usually followed by most tourists is the path to the position “Prionia” in 1100 m altitude, from where the trails begin to shelters and "Divine" tops. If you want to do your calculations from Litohoro to “Prionia” (the end of the road), it covered a distance of 18 km asphalt road in about 40 minutes with a few stops.

The “Cross” (10 km from Litochoro) operates the first mountain shelter Dim. Bountolas (altitude 944 m Tel 23520 82 482). Along the road there are places where you can stop and enjoy a hot drink with the panoramic view of snow even in June, peaks, the valley of Katerini and the open sea. 

Six kilometers above the resort, you will find a steep narrow road on your left, that leads  in 1,500 m at the point where it was built the old monastery of Dionysiou, in river Enipea’s litter. From the cross road of Monastery of Dionysiou, the road continues for another 2 km and stops to “Prionia”.

Leave your car in the small plateau, beside the log cabin and follow the mountain path. After a few meters route you will arrive in a glade with small waterfalls. Do not miss it!



The Mount Olympus

The tallest and most magnificent mountain in Greece. Separated from the Ossa (Kisavos) with Tempe and Penaeus. Its area is estimated at 1.272 km.
Olympus rises on the border of the county of Pieria and Larissa, the highest point Mytikas or Pantheon (2917 m), which is the highest peak in Greece.

Peaks are also the Sxoleio (2.911m.) Stephani (2909 m.), San Antonio (2817 m) kalogiros (2813 m), the Prophet Elias (2.786m).

The mound (2785 m ) and many others, ranging in height from 2000 to 2500 m. The peaks are rocky and covered by snow during winter. From 1600 meters and on is the alpine zone.


How to get there:

By bus: Katerini-Litohoro (25km), the bus Katerini
By car: For Litohoro through road PATH.E. (412km from Athens, 93km from Thessaloniki)


Olympus Shelters

Dim. Mpountola’s shelter
Location / Elevation: Cross (930 m)
Extras: Stove wood burning fireplace, kitchen, indoor toilets, water supply capacity of 35 persons.
Note: Operates from April to November.
Access: From Litohoro: 9 km from asphalt road.
Contact: 2352084100, 2352082482, mob. 6948593275

Apostolidi’s shelter
Location / Elevation: Muses Plateau (2720 m)
Features: Fireplace, kitchen, ensuite bathroom, capacity 90 people, the water tank.
Access: From Litohoro: 14 km from asphalt road until the junction box and then 6 hours hiking.
Contact: 2310 224710, 2310 278288

Christos Kakkalos shelter
Location / Elevation: Muses Plateau (2650 m)
Extras: Stove oil, kitchen (summer only), outdoor toilet, capacity 18 people. Access: From Litohoro: 14 km from asphalt road until the junction box and then 6 hours hiking, or 1 to 1.5 hours hiking trail to the shelter Spilios Agapitos.
Information: Greek Mountaineering Club of Litohoro, tel 23520-84544

Spilios Agapitos shelter
Location / Elevation: Balcony (2100 m)
Features: Fireplace, kitchen, indoor and outdoor toilets, three water tanks, telephone, capacity 100 people.
Note: Open from May to October, meals are served from 6:00 a.m. until 9 pm Access: From Litohoro: 18 km from asphalt road until “Prionia” and then 2.5 hours walking.

Written by Teo Thursday, 14 May 2015

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